People fighting for Grenfell are fighting for all of you


“It could be your child sleeping in a death trap”




1. Lowkey witnessed the fire with his own eyes

No one should ever have to go through that


2. Your child could be sleeping in a building with similar cladding to Grenfell


“There are over 300 homes in this country that have this combination of cladding on it, which are part of social housing. There’s an untold amount of private buildings, hotels, hospitals and schools.”


3. Celotex made the cladding and had boasted of "entering government"


“Celotex, who as of 2011 were boasting on their website, and this a quotation from a post they later detailed:’ Celotex enters government we are now shaping building regulations to maximise benefit to our industry’.”


4. Celotex technical director Mark Allen was adviser to Sajid Javid on building regulations


“Those relationships are not being interrogated unfortunately. What effect did that have on building regulations. It’s not possibly for me to conceive of a way, in which the technical director of a company advising on building regulations would not advise what was in his interests”


5. What was the correspondence between Mark Allen and Sajid Javid?


“Especially when considering that it’s Mark Allen’s company Celotex and their RS5000, that they came out in January this year clearly saying that they mis-described the test that they administered on it. It definitely didn’t meat the criteria for limited combustibility.”


6. We have a political elite that is happy for members of the public to die


“...simply for hubris and greed on the part of a transnational corporate class.”


7. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


“ of 2016 received £33.4 million from construction companies in order for those companies to skirt their legal obligation for a quota of affordable housing within their new builds.”


8. Formerly led by this property developer:


“Rock Feilding-Mellen, the deputy leader of the council, was a property developer or hoping to be a property developer, so within that nexus its inventible that the people within the borough on what is considered prime relate estate will be treated with distain."


9. RBKC had £300 million in the bank and chose not to spend it


"We know there had been a zinc fire resistant cladding, agreed upon by members of the community and by the council for use, but Rock Feilding-Mellen in the last moment changed to this other cladding because it was good price. RBKC had reserves of £300 million plus so the decision to chase a cladding which was cheaper was simply austerity of choice."


10. There is always a human cost


“It is absolutely inconceivable that off the back of this there has not been serious integration on what the effects of this forms of austerity are.”


11. Bipartisan orthodoxy of neoliberal necro-politics


"This is something that actually is symptomatic and indicative of a kind of bipartisan orthodoxy of neoliberal necro-politics, which unfortunately the political elite in this country has been dedicated to in a major way across the last three decades.”


12. Robin Hood in reverse


“In 2008 we saw greed of a trans-national banking class turned into debt for people who are literally the heart and lungs of the society. We saw a Robin Hood in reversal, transfer of wealth upwards. And in a sense that’s what austerity is. it’s demanding in a dictatorial fashion everyday people who make up the society, the majority of society, the 99 percent pf society, to pay for the greed and to subsidise the obscene and obnoxious wealth of the 1 percent.”


13. When people are marching for Grenfell they are marching for you.


“It could be your child sleeping in a hospital which is a death trap. It could be your child going to a school which is a death trap. This a systematic problem. When people are marching for Grenfell they are marching for you.”


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