What the fuck happened to Hip Hop?


We asked DMC from Run DMC about Hip Hop today, he didn't hold back




1. DMC is a Hip Hop legend


One third of Run DMC, one of the most influentianl Hip Hop groups of all time


2. Hip Hop has a responsibility

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“...no matter what generation you are from. Past, present or future… What’s lacking is the responsibility that comes with this Hip Hop to make the change that nobodies going to do for us.”


3. XXXtentaction got shot and killed


“...it’s a shame but the greater shame is: what about all the young men and women who are not celebrates getting shot and killed. Imagine If the same way we advertised XXX and advertised Jay’s death and Biggie’s death, imagine what would happen if we started advertised every young person getting shot and killed, then it would be outrage.”


4. My fight isn’t with the dude that shot Jam Master Jay


“...I have no personal beef with him, my fight is against the mentality that would cause him to do it.”


5. Tupac got shot


“...Hip Hop mourns for two-three weeks, and then we go back doing the same bullshit - same ideas, concepts and images, like having a gun is cool – not changing the conditions that killed Pac.”


6. Having a gun and shooting motherfuckers is cool?

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“...that’s a Hip Hop mentality ‘cos’ I’m from the hood.’ No we created Hip Hop so we didn’t need street gangs and drug dealers.”


7. Get the fuck off the mic and go be an actor


“That excuse is ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis and they make violent action films.’ So my thing to anybody in Hip Hop saying it’s acceptable because it’s entertainment no it’s different. If you want to use that excuse, then get the fuck off the mic and go be an actor.”


8. Hip Hop today?


“It’s Disco.”


9. And Disco fucking sucks


“It wasn’t the artists and the music that suck it was the fucking lifestyle. Look a Hip Hop right now: Purple fur coats, diamonds, champagne, Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, fucking Lear jets, sex, violence, everybody’s living that life.”


10. What happened when that happened in New York in the 70s?

“Motherfucker named Melle Mell came out and made a record ‘The message.’ Right now we need a 17-19-year-old individual to make ‘The Message’ to shut down all the nonsense we’re celebrating.”


11. We need groups that look like Migos rapping like De La Soul


“We need a guy that looks like Lil Wayne talking like KRS One. We need a guy like Drake making records like Chuck D and Public Enemy. I’m not talking about to sell records and be number one rappers but to see change in the everyday lives of our people.”


12. Kids now get more attention if they talk about their Xanax problem


“It’s not a cry for help, it’s a lack of responsibility… There’s not one rapper on there rapping ‘I never got high a day in my life.’ There’s not one rapper now talking about ‘school is cool.’ I wasn’t afraid to do that.”


13. We need to over flood Hip Hop with Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rappers


“We have Kendrick, we have Chance, we have a lot of underground MCs. Those underground MCs should be allowed to express those views and ideas commercially.”


14. BTW where did all the Hip Hop groups go?


“Now it’s all about the front man. The dominate presentation [used to be] group. Why? Because we are stronger together… we are more threatening when we show our numbers. Somewhere along the line the powers that be figured if they divide us up, feed one guy so he’s alright he’s not gonna give a fuck about bringing [the rest through]. So they broke us down.”

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