Why Bernie Sanders deserves his shot at Trump


"Right now we're seeing the rise of fascism but we don’t have time to be scared." Chicago Mayoral candidate Ja'Mal Green on why Bernie got game




1. Ja’Mal is only 22-years-old and could be the next Mayor of Chicago


"I'm tired of seeing Chicago's politics reflect the interest of a select few."


2. He shut down a Trump Rally when Trump came to Town


In 2016 Ja'Mal rallied local residents to reserve tickets for a Trump rally in Chicago, filling a large part of the stadium forcing the rally to be cancelled.


3. Donald Trump has sparked something in us


“...to make everybody be active now it's time to use that energy that we have, use that anger that we have against this president and put it into something positive so we can move forward towards real progressive change.”


4. I didn’t have hope at one point until I started getting on the stage with Bernie Sanders

“Getting on the stage to speak and just look around at 20,000 people a stadium and to know that 90 percent of those 20,000 people are under 25 years old. That gave me hope because I knew our future was in good hands.”


5. We’re not excited about Bernie's personality


"...we’re excited about the issues and how we’re gonna move forward. We’re excited about how we’re gonna be able to give people a living wage in America. How kids won't have to worry about being $100,000 in debt when they go to college. We’re excited about healthcare can be universal and everybody be able to have access to healthcare in America.”


6. The problem with Bernie Sanders


“Because he was anti-Wall Street and establishment and big money donors they looked at him as an outcast. And so many democrats didn’t want to support him. They felt he was outside of the establishment.”


7. When that’s somebody we actually need


"...to run in 2020"


8. He deserves to be President

"...with his consistency that he’s had in the last 40 years with fighting with Martin Luther King, with fighting for civil rights, with saying the same thing he’s saying today 40 years ago."


9. He’ll be able to move us towards progressive values


“...just as he did with just having one campaign.”


10. The Bernie Sanders movement is getting stronger


“People are now understanding that he should have been democratic nominee and if he was the nominee he would have beat Donald Trump.”


11. Racist are very emboldened by the regime of Donald Trump


"You got the Muslim ban going on. ICE going onto communities and deporting Hispanics.’


12. Right now we are seeing the rise of fascism


“The right wing is using the Muslim culture, and the Hispanic culture and the black culture and try to demonise these cultures to make white supremacy the law of the land in our country.”


13. Of course it can be scary


“...but we don’t have time to be scared or have fear. We gotta organise. We gotta put our bootstraps on and say we are demanding that this country live up this nations creed and actually be the land of free for everyone."


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