Grenfell to Paris: Making dreams come true


A small local charity lost three children in the Grenfell fire. What they did next will melt your heart




1. This video will warm your heart

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Making dreams come true is everything.


2. This kid is an absolutely legend


Who really loves his grandma.


3. Who recited Martin Luther King at a tribute concert for Grenfell survivors

"I Have a dream."


4. Solidarity Sports is a small West London children's charity that shouldn’t have to exist


They work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, or those that have experienced trauma, and incorporate them into part of their family through a variety of inspiring activities. Operating out of one of the richest boroughs of the country, they really shouldn't have to exist. They do and we are truly grateful.


5. Tragically, three of their children died in Grenfell Tower

Rest in peace Firdaws, Yahya, Yaqub, Nura and Hashim.

6. Jon Snow had the honour of meeting Firdaws and led with this emotional tribute

“She stood out above anybody else. She was 12-years-old, she was absolutely spellbinding… I though my God that girls gonna go far… I love her. I’m so very, very sorry.”


7. Solidarity Sports set up the Hashim Family Legacy in their honour

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Launched in conjunction with relatives of the Hashim family. Set up to make children's dreams come true.

Find out more here: The Hashim Family Legacy 


8. Every year they take the children to Disneyland to fulfil the dream of Firdaws

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Firdaws dreamed of visiting Disneyland but never got the chance to go. Every year Solidarity Sports visit Disneyland Paris in her honour. "We will never give up on our children, not even Firdaws."


9. An entire Welsh village offered solidarity

We absolutely love Dan the farmer


10. In the last year Solidarity Sports has taken on many children affected by the fire


Thanks to an army of dedicated volunteers they have been able to meet the demand for their services. But they could always do with more help.


11. Show children the wonders of the world

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"Many of the children we support have experienced things that no child should. We have fun together, we boost their confidence, and we help them make happy memories. Our activities take our children far and wide. Many of them have never left their neighbourhood before, let alone London. Eye-opening trips and holidays are all part of what we offer."

Donate and support here: Solidarity Sports


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