KYLE: "Are black men not supposed to be happy?"


Rapper KYLE on race, toxic masculinity, depression and being the happiest rapper alive!

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1. Rappers are not supposed to feel shit


“Rappers were not meant to feel anything except feeling like the shit. That was it: Be the best, fuck everyone’s bitch, have the most money, be the hardest nigga period.”


2. Are we as black men not supposed to be happy?


“Is there a law against us being happy, kind and not hostile?”


3. All the men in my life that have fucked up problems…


“It’s because they don’t express themselves and they were never taught to express themselves by any other man.”


4. People expect men to be a certain way


“Imagery we’re shown as kids: our examples of men are only badass buff dudes kicking ass and taking names.”


5. Why are we not seeing therapists? Why is that taboo?


“Men in hip Hop, why are we not rapping about that?”


6. People try to claim my shit is not Hip Hop enough…


“…you have no clue how Hip Hop I actually am. If you want to compare it to some actual Hip Hop pioneers, I think I ‘m carrying the torch the right way.”


7. Or if you want me to take hella drugs…


“…and just be a super shitty role model for my community and youth like me I can do that too. But I think that would be counterproductive to the whole Hip Hop movement that we made in the first place.”

8. My first taste of depression


“When I was in High school my grandfather past away. I lived with my granpa so much, my grandpa was equally like my dad. I just felt so alone, I felt hella empty for the first time.”

9. I felt so bad but making other people feel good made me feel good


“I figured out this thing: I just have to love people and be hella nice to people and be hella happy and remind people why they should be happy.”

10. Happiness is not something that you just get to be

Fight for.jpg

“It’s some shit you gotta fight for.”

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