The robots are coming! Why we need a new education system now


Keys skills your children are going to need to survive the age of automation 




1. The robots are coming!!!

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Not cool bruh


2. Milhouse from the Simpson's plays the role of an adolescent George Monbiot


Which is kinda cool


3. We need a completely different approach to teaching which recognises the potential in every child

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“I began to see there were highly intelligent people in connectional thinking, in art, in mechanise, in engineering, in creativity of all kinds, who were just written off at school."


4. In classical neoliberal fashion


“The individual gets blamed for systematic problems.”


5. It's pretty amazing that any kid is happy to stuck behind a desk


“You think what your like at that stage of childhood. Your fizzing with energy and excitement and the world is fascinating place, a wonderful place. And we sit them down for hours at a time, starring forward, being fed stuff. Its actually pretty miraculous that works for anyone.”


6. Systems are far more resilient if they’re diverse. Please refer to genuine photograph below:

"What I know as an ecologist is that systems are far more resilient if they’re devise... By having all these diverse intelligences within a human community, that community is stronger, more robust, more resilient than it would be if we only thought the one way.” 


7. So what do they do at school? Teach everyone the same way


“Everyone is just drilled in the National Curriculum. You’re just squeezed down that processing line and you all have to tick the same boxes. You all have to take the same tests. You all get taught in exactly the same way. And the narrower that curriculum becomes the fewer people it’s gonna work for and  the more people are going to be written off as dunces and maybe eventually even excluded from school.”


8. If you are going to have any chance of survival in the age of automation

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