What the left are missing in the fight against fascism


“I believe in punching Nazis, I think it’s a fun day out for all the family, but…”

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1. We need to take this fight against fascism seriously because


“It’s not about morality its about preventing the next atrocity now.”


2. I believe in punching Nazis


“But not everyone is going to be comfortable pursuing that kind of action and there needs to be other things that they can participate in.”


3. The problem with anti-fascists movements


“For too long we’ve been marginal, we’ve treated it like a sub-culture, we’ve not thought about how we take it mainstream.”


4. What the Black Panthers can teach us about fighting the far-right today


“They worked with the most vulnerable and marginal people in society.”

5. Salvini’s vision is bloody, he wants streets to street ethnic cleansing of Roma


“But people don’t give a shit because he’s a friendly neighbourhood kind of guy and they see it in their neighbourhoods everyday.”


6. The left needs to be seen in neighbourhoods everyday


“We need to look like the kind of people that are capable of bringing a community together.”


7. If Momentum want to be anything other than the Progress of the left


“They need to start doing this community work that isn’t directly related to getting people out to vote Labour.”


8. Paki-bashing doesn’t feed your kids

this is england_combo_machete.jpg

“Austerity has exacerbated racialised outcomes but fundamentally hate won’t put food on the table.”

9. Fans Supporting Foodbanks: ‘Hunger doesn’t wear club colours’


“…they coordinated food collections and distributions through local mosques. I think that’s a phenomenal way of bringing people together.”

10. The left needs to stop fighting each other


“We need to have a sense of scale and perspective and realise these are fights that we can win.”

11. We are in a better position in the UK than any other European country to defeat the far-right


“…and that is down to Jeremy Corbyn.”

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