Serve the People
Not the Power

Legendary Drum & Bass producer and graffiti pioneer. Maverick AF and loves a bit of Yoga

Ayishat Akanbi

Fashion stylist by day, social and political commentator by night. All round wise owl

Rapper, author, historian, political activist and all round inspiring brethren

Journalist and New York Times best selling author. Currently writing Chomsky's official biography


Platinum selling rapper and star of Netflix’s The After Party. Otherwise known as SuperDuperKyle

Comedian as seen on TV or beach with Carol Vorderman. Puts masala on Xmas turkey. Don't hate

Activist, hacker, and advisor on computer security systems. Survived extradition to the US

Author, journalist and innovative environmental activist. Climate Change before it was cool

Ash Sarkar

Senior editor at Novara Media and ghostwriter to the Godfather (Wiley). Literally a peng Communist

Singer, songwriter and social commentator who gives a shit with No Shame

Co-founder of Help Refugees, the largest facilitator of grassroots aid in Europe. CHOOSE LOVE

Anti-racist campaigner. Daughter of Mohammed Saleem, murdered by a far-right terrorist

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington. Once grabbed a mace

Model, actor, social activist and Trans rights campaigner. Does it all with style

UK rap legend and "angry, academic activist," his words not ours. Once murdered the alphabet

The mighty King of Rock, one third of Run DMC and creator of Darryl Makes Comics

Shadow Minister for Labour and Labour MP for North West Durham

Comedian, actor and creator of BBC series Man like Mobeen. Star in the making

Jeremy Corbyn's former spokesman, now spokesperson for Campaign for Fairer Gambling

Labour Lord and former MP. Fled the Nazis as a child refugee, now fighting for other child refugees

Bernie Sanders surrogate and Chicago community activist, currently running for Mayor of Chicago

Social media star with a big mouth and nuff bants, welcome to the world of Rants

Comedian and writer who really cares about the world. Prides herself on being silly and we love that

Historian and author of Utopia for Realists. Found a way to end poverty which we think is pretty cool

Channel 4 Journalist, broadcaster, national treasure and multi-coloured tie enthusiast

Daily Mail referred to him as a "professional controversialist." We'll just leave it there

Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne

Co-founder of Momentum and former Momentum National co-ordinator